This will be the first campaign to take place in our new world, Terra Facticius, which hopefully we will be able to develop into a full-fledged setting to use in the future.

I’d like this to be a collaborative world building experience so when making your character consider the following:

Character Creation

Class: Consider your characters class and how it could be used in the setting. We aren’t bound by the established canon of the Forgotten Realms anymore so if, for example, you’re playing an Avenger you can create the Church that your character belongs to and even what city or country that church is located.

Race: First, check to see if your desired race has been covered already. So far, only dwarf and eladrin have been fully developed, with human, tiefling, goliath, and drow in developing stages. Consider your characters race’s role in the world, where their from, what politics are affecting them right now, etc.

Background: This is also really open. If you want to say that your Half-orc rogue is from the thief city of Kazam, then go for it.

Something to consider when creating your character are the themes we’ve been developing in this setting:

Campaign Themes

1. Weird races. Less emphasis on Tolkien-races. Tolkien races have been done to death, and though they’re featured in Terra Facticius, they’re in a less prominent role. Dwarfs are enslaved, Eladrin are xenophobic.

2. East meets West. Similar to the Final Fantasy series, I’d like to really push a combination of Medieval Europe and Feudal Japan.

3. No Deities. There aren’t any physical deities as in the Forgotten Realms. Instead, most people of Terra Facticius subscribe to spirit worship or belong to an organized church where they worship scripture instead of a direct deity, similar to the religions of our own world.

4. Advanced Technology. There’s high technology, especially compared to the other current D&D settings. Guns, airships, and mechanized contraptions should all be taken into account.

5. Intricate Politics. Another thing I’d like to emphasize is politics. Unlike other settings, which seem to be separately contained city-states that have only marginal interaction with each other, the world of Terra Facticius is one that is on the brink of all-out war. There are several emerging groups all vying for power.

Terra Facticius

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